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Student Timetable

Service is integrated into the class structure, so you must be able to complete your placements within the academic term. It takes a couple of weeks to get assigned, oriented and started. Please be mindful of these important dates when completing your service learning assignment.

Fall 2018

Aug. 27
Classes begin.
Aug. 30 - Sept. 19
Enrollment period.
Aug. 30 - Sept. 19
Service Learning fairs held.
Sept. 24 - Oct. 5
Group orientation/training begins at all sites.
Nov. 12 - 30
Reflection activities​.
Nov. 30
Service period ends.
Nov. 30
Deadline for students to turn in timesheets.
Dec. 10 - 13
Final Exams
Dec. 13
Semester Ends
Please note:  Not all colleges use this timetable.  Please confirm dates with your college coordinator