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​AlterNetRides is an easy-to-use online service that lets you find other people who want to share rides to or from our colleges or locations. Each destination has its own section in the AlterNetRides program, so you'll have no problem finding people from your college or location to make the commute with. Registration is fast, easy and, most important, free!

AlterNetRides has some great features for carpoolers:

  • Carpool management areas
  • Instant phone notification by voice or text
  • Yahoo! mapping to help you locate other ride sharers
  • A "thumbs-up" rating system so you can rate the rides you take and find the best rides

You can take advantage of AlterNetRides' other great features even if you're not carpooling:

  • A commuters log, where you can track your carbon dioxide usage
  • A green vehicle guide that allows you look up the Environmental Protection Agency's pollution rating for any vehicle
  • A vehicle log that lets you track the cost of owning a vehicle

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Find out more about AlterNetRides in our AlterNetRides FAQs. (Note: Employees may not share rides with students.)

Don't forget to use common sense. Use the same caution and judgment in selecting potential carpoolers that you use in choosing your friends and acquaintances. Neither AlterNetRides nor DCCCD make any assurance regarding the people who use AlterNetRides. You are ultimately responsible for your safety. This is part of the AlterNetRides Terms and Conditions when you set up an account. Check out our Carpooling Tips for more information on staying safe.

An FYI on AlterNetRides: The program uses a "blind e-mail" technique that protects each person's privacy. You can use the service without revealing any direct contact information until you're ready. You're never under any obligation to share personal information — including your phone number or e-mail address — and can, at any time, change your mind about carpooling or decide you don't want to carpool with someone who has contacted you.