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Annex T: Travel and Transportation

The purpose of the Travel and Transportation Annex is to provide a hazard-specific framework for use during a local rail emergency, domestic or international travel-related emergency or disaster impacting Dallas County Community College District.

Concept of Operations

The Hazard Annexes to the Emergency Operations Plan organize the applicable College District positions, departments and outside support agencies into groups according to their roles in response to a predetermined category of hazard(s) that may create a campus emergency or disaster. Outside agencies may include: governmental, non-governmental, private sector and other volunteer resources. The Hazard Annex provides basic information for hazard-specific operations and resources which might be needed for an incident that affects Dallas County Community College District. Hazard Annexes may trigger EOC and subsequent ESF Annex activations will provide response command and control.

Annex T: Travel and Transportation (PDF - 342KB)