Annex L: Energy and Utilities

The purpose of this annex is to describe the organization, operational concepts, responsibilities and procedures to prevent, protect from, respond to and recover from temporary disruptions in utility services that threaten public health or safety in the local area. 

This annex is not intended to deal with persistent shortages of water due to drought or with prolonged statewide or regional shortages of electricity or natural gas.

Concept of Operations

DCCCD is dependent upon its local utility providers to assume responsibility for connectivity and ownership of utilities (gas, water, sewer, electricity, telephone services) provided to district locations. The district location’s facilities department (with assistance from district Facilities Management and Risk Management) is responsible for addressing energy and utility issues on district property. The location’s facilities department is responsible for developing procedures and support documents for addressing issues on district property. The location facilities director (or his/her designee) will serve as the location utility coordinator. The operations of utilities used by the district will be directed by those individuals who manage the utility on a daily basis. These individuals are expected to continue to manage the operations of those utilities during emergency situations. The city EMC in which the district property is located is responsible for developing and maintaining this annex.