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Pipelines and Pathways

Pipelines and Pathways - P2

Cedar Valley College has been awarded a $2.45 million grant by the U. S. Department of Education's Predominantly Black Institutions (PBI) program. The focus of the grant, referred to as the Pipeline & Pathways (P2) program at Cedar Valley College, is to increase the academic success of African American Males through increased access to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) programs at the College. Students participating in the Pipeline & Pathways (P2) program receive a number of benefits such as tutoring, mentoring, STEM summer boot camps, financial and life skills coaching, and an opportunity to participate in internships/externships.

What makes P2 unique is that it not only benefits current Cedar Valley College students but also supports Early College High School, Collegiate Academy, and Dual Credit students through access to the same benefits stated previously, thus creating a pipeline and paving a pathway to college success. In addition, P2 courses will be conducted in a project-based learning format which has been found to increase student academic success, critical thinking skills, decision making, and self-confidence.

P2 Targets:

  1. Serve 6,000 students over 5 years (1,200/year)
  2. Professional development for 750 HS/College faculty over 5 years (150/year)
  3. 15% increase in the number of African American males who enroll in STEM courses
  4. Improve retention rates by 15% from year one to year five

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Contact Us

Dean of Student Retention & PBI Administrator:
Dr. Osaro Airen
Building M, Room M225A

Administrative Assistant:
Natalie Williams
Building M, Room M225

Program Service Coordinator:
John Perry
Building M, Room M225B

Enrollment Specialist:
Avery Hartwell
Building L, Room L162

Funding made possible through a grant by the United States Department of Education for Predominantly Black Institutions.