Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
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Student Feedback

Student Feedback

Cedar Valley College Community College utilizes Maxient software to manage various pieces of students' records. Through Maxient, we are able use its centralized reporting and recordkeeping features to help our CVC community connect important information to prevent students from falling through the cracks. From student discipline, academic integrity, care and concern records, or Title IX matters, Maxient is critical to all things related to a student's conduct and well-being.

Online referrals may be made through the following links:

This form is utilized for those who have a concern or formal charge of dissatisfaction with a person, service or process that requires clarification, investigation, and/or resolution. Before your fill out this form, please contact the staff member or department directly. Often, a complaint can be resolved in this way. Important - If you choose to submit this anonymously, it is very limited on what can be done to resolve this complaint, and we will not be able to notify you regarding your complaint.

This form is used to request a refund that does not meet the policy guidelines of the Dallas County Community College District. This form must be submitted before the end of the semester or summer session for which the refund is requested.

Please be aware that these forms do not constitute filing an official police report. To file an official police report, please contact the CVC Police Department (972-860-4290) or in person at 3030 North Dallas Avenue, Building F, Lancaster, Texas 75134, for an emergency, please dial 911.