​Frequently Asked Questions About Transcript Evaluations

Are you new to the colleges of DCCCD, or are you transferring to our colleges from another college or university? Get answers to frequently asked questions about our transcript evaluation process.

Requesting Your Transcript From the Colleges of DCCCD

Transcripts are available to all DCCCD students and alumni who have taken courses for credit. Currently, Continuing Education (CE) students cannot request transcripts via these methods. If you are a CE student, please contact your college for information about requesting a transcript.

Paper Transcripts

  • Beginning on Feb. 11, 2019, paper transcripts can be ordered for $5 per transcript.

    • Request a paper transcript online through Credentials Solutions. 
    • Students do not need their student ID numbers to request transcripts through Credentials Solutions, and no login is required.
      • Transcripts provided by Credentials Solutions are trackable, have the option for text updates and can be ordered online any time — even when your college's Admissions Office is closed. 
    • Each college's Admissions/Registrar's office has a designated computer for students to use when requesting paper transcripts in person.

Electronic Transcripts

  • Electronic transcripts can be sent to a list of more than 100 participating institutions for free.
  • Electronic transcripts can be requested in three ways:
    • Log in to the "Credit Student Menu" of eConnect.
    • Mail, email or fax a copy of our transcript request form (PDF - 76KB) to the Admissions/Registrar’s Office of the DCCCD college you last attended. Your signature and a copy of your photo ID are required
      • If you do not have access to eConnect for any reason, you will have to use the transcript request form (PDF) to request an electronic transcript.
    • Request your electronic transcript in person by bringing the transcript request form with you to your college's Admissions/Registrar's office.

For More Information

Visit the Admissions/Registrar’s Office at any college of DCCCD with questions about transcripts or to request your (paper or electronic) transcript in person. A photo ID is required

Important Details: 

Program of Study Required: By state law, all students must select a program of study. You must choose a program by the time you complete 45 credit hours, or you will not be eligible for an official transcript.

CVC Transcript Requests

To all colleges, universities and students:

Please send all email correspondence related to Cedar Valley College transcript requests, and other items related to transcripts, to the following email:​