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District Implementing New Password Policy

This article appeared in the May 1, 2018, issue of the student newsletter.

We've all gotten — and sometimes ignored — the alert telling us it's time to change our passwords again. For most of your DCCCD-related passwords, that will soon be a thing of the past. 

A new policy for nonexpiring passwords will go into effect in August. 

The current policy requires password changes every 90 days. However, district research has shown that changing passwords isn't as important as a password's complexity. 

With this in mind, the district is updating the policy to benefit students and employees.

Here's How You Will Benefit

Under the current policy, there was also confusion because of the many applications you log in to on a regular basis. 

"We have these disconnected and disjointed passwords that expire at different times. Your eConnect password and your email password expire at different times," says Project Coordinator Misherlae Pace. 

To remedy the confusion, the district is implementing additional single sign-on services and nonexpiring passwords for you, Misherlae says. 

Once the policy is in place, eCampus (Blackboard) will join student and employee email (Outlook), myPortal and eConnect in using the same user name and password. 

"We're moving to single sign-on where you can set one password," David says. "Once you set your password, it changes all the systems connected." 

How It Will Work 

To try and make the transition as seamless as possible, passwords will not reset all at once when the policy begins. 

"There's no way to anticipate every issue that may come up," says David. "So as users' passwords expire and they're asked to come up with a new password, then the new rule will go into effect at that time." 

Under the new policy, your password must follow a new set of complexity rules. The rules will be shown when you reset your password.

Other Considerations 

Password Resets 

Along with the policy changes, and password reset will be decommissioned Aug. 31. Once the new policy goes into effect, users will be able to change their passwords directly through Microsoft, without assistance from district or college staff.

Federal Work-Study 

There are also issues facing students in the Federal Work-Study program. 

"If you are a student in the Federal Work-Study program, most people will have two different passwords. They have an employee password to use their resources at their job here on campus and then you have your student password," says Misherlae. "We're working through the process on how they're going to change their password because they have two and the two aren't together." 

As of right now, to change it, you have to be on the phone with someone at District Service Center (it bypasses to Help Desk altogether).