Graduation Information

You should apply for graduation once you have enrolled in the final courses you need for your degree or certificate.

File an application for graduation with the college from which you plan to graduate. Even if you have finished your official program of study, filling out the application for graduation is the only way to ensure you receive your certificate or diploma.

This form informs the college when you will be completing your degree or certificate, and how you would like your name to appear on your diploma or certificate of completion.

If you have met all TSI requirements, degree/certificate and graduation requirements (including up-to-date copies of transcripts from all colleges attended outside the DCCCD), you will be awarded your degree or certificate of completion at the end of the appropriate term.

You must complete 25% of the total credit hours within your degree or certificate at the college awarding the degree or certificate.

For more detailed information about degree and certificate requirements for graduation, see the catalog.

Spring 2019 Graduation Ceremony

Cedar Valley College will hold its annual graduation ceremony on May 16, 2019, at 7 p.m., at the Inspiring Body of Christ Church (IBOC) located at 7701 South Westmoreland Road, Dallas, Texas 75237. This ceremony is held to honor and recognize our Fall 2018 graduates and our prospective Spring and Summer 2019 graduates.

After receiving the emailed Invitation to participate, you must RSVP via the provided link, and come to the Admissions office to verify your name and information for the program and obtain the approval slip to purchase your cap and gown.

Students within 12 hours of completing their degree may participate in the graduation ceremony. In order for your name to appear in the program, graduation applications must be received in the Admissions Office by March 30. However, if this deadline is missed, students may still participate in the ceremony.

Please note that participating in the graduation ceremony does not entitle a student to receive a diploma. Actual receipt of a diploma is contingent upon successful completion of all academic requirements. Students are strongly encouraged to complete any remaining academic requirements as soon as practical.

Graduation is an occasion that brings a great sense of accomplishment. Many students have overcome great obstacles to persevere in reaching their academic goals and are to be commended for their efforts. We encourage you to participate to help us make this a memorable occasion.

Live-Stream Link for 5-16-19: