Counseling Resources

Online Mental Health Screening

The Counseling Center has partnered with Screening for Mental Health, Inc. (SMH) to allow Brookhaven students and employees to take a free, anonymous Online Mental Health Screening for symptoms of concern such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and more. The screenings are meant to help you decide if consulting with a mental health professional would be beneficial to you. The results obtained are not formal diagnoses and not intended to replace professional discussions with a counselor.

Online SkillsShops

We have made some of our SkillsShops available online for students to complete on their own, or by referral from an instructor. The associated quizzes are automatically scored online and a notice of completion is available immediately after scoring and is also emailed to both the Counseling Center and the student. Students can take this printout directly to their referring instructor to receive extra credit.

Academic Skills Assistance

The Counseling Center has provided strategies below on various topics that can assist students with their academic success.

Goal Setting
Healthy Relationships
Managing Test Anxiety
Money Management
Note-taking Strategies

Stress Management
Study Skills
Test-taking Strategies
Time Management


If you would like to discuss these topics further with a counselor, please schedule an appointment by calling us at 972-860-4673, visiting our office in Bldg. L, Room L108, or via email at

Case Management Services

Students in need of community resources for issues such as food, legal services, housing/homelessness, childcare, intimate partner violence and more can schedule an appointment with one of our case managers. Visit the Case Management page for more details.

Community Resources

Individuals seekings resources on their own within the community are encouraged to view our Community Resources list. Services provided include child support assistance, alternative counseling, medical and dental assistance, substance abuse and more.

Self-Help Resources

Attached are additional useful links to Self-Help Resources. Please note that the content here is for informational purposes only and not meant for self-diagnosis. Also, please be aware that these outside links are not under the control of Cedar Valley College Counseling Center and we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the content contained.​​