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CVC Piper Professors

Cedar Valley College Piper Professors

1979-1980    Dr. Calvin Christman, Professor of History&^

1980-1981    Gerald Shilling, Professor of Business

1981-1982    Joe Cortina, Professor of Reading+

1982-1983    Joyce Powell, Professor of Reading

1983-1984    Richard Maxwell, Professor of Music

1984-1985    LeRoyal Hampton, Professor of Automotive

1985-1986    Dr. Calvin Christman, Professor of History&^

1986-1987    Dr. Bettie Meachum, Professor of Psychology&

1987-1988    Dr. Edward Garcia, Professor of English

1988-1989    Dr. Brian Earle, Professor of Biology*&

1989-1990    James Adkins, Professor of Astronomy^        

1990-1991    Dr. David Wright, Professor of Vet Tech+      

1991-1992    Dr. Nora Yeager, Professor of Reading                      

1992-1993    Dr. Norman Fletcher, Professor of Mathematics         

1993-1994    Dr. Elsie Burnett, Professor of English&

1994-1995    Mary Ann Youngblood, Professor of English^

1995-1996    John Pratt, Professor of Government

1996-1997    Lois Leubitz, Professor of Speech Communications^

1997-1998    Ed Dawson, Professor of Music

1998-1999    Dr. Susan Faulkner, Professor of English+^

1999-2000    Ines Eishen, Professor of English

2000-2001    Dr. Tommy Thompson, Professor of Mathematics&

2001-2002    Linda Ridgway, Professor of Art*+

2002-2003    Dr. Bettie Meachum, Professor of Psychology+&

2003-2004    Dr. Lincoln Rolling, Professor of Government*

2004-2005    Sandra Coston, Professor of Spanish

2005-2006    Dr. Diane Minger, Professor of Marketing

2006-2007    Dr. Samuel Germany, Professor of Music*

2007-2008    Dr. Timothy Sullivan, Professor of Anthropology, History, Sociology+

2008-2009    Roger Dismore, Professor of Music

2009-2010    Dr. Elsie Burnett, Professor of English+&

2010-2011    Mikal McDowell, Professor of Mathematics

2011-2012    Rebekah Rios-Harris, Professor of English

2012-2013    Dan Rogers, Professor of Speech Communications+

2013-2014    SaRita Stewart, Professor of Criminal Justice

2014-2015    Dr. Suryakant Desai, Professor of Accounting+#

2015-2016    William Lineberry, Professor of Vet Tech

2016-2017    Dr. Brian Earle, Professor of Biology&

2017-2018    Dr. Tommy Thompson, Professor of Mathematics+&

2018-2019    Dr. Diane Minger, Professor of Marketing+&


           + DCCCD Miles Production Teaching Excellence Award

           * Texas Minnie Stevens Piper Teaching Excellence Award

           & Received the CVC Piper Award Twice

           # ACCT National Teaching Award            

           ^ Deceased