Style Guide Addendum

The Style Guide Addendum lists information that has been added to the DCCCD Style Guide and Graphic Standards since its last full revision. This information will be incorporated in the next edition but is provided here for employees' reference in the meantime.

Style Dictionary Updates

Dr. — acceptable before the names of individuals who hold academic doctoral degrees (Ph.D., Ed.D.) (contrary to Associated Press style) (agreed to by the Marketing and Communications Council, April 25, 2019)

health care (Marketing and Communications Council agreed to adopt Associated Press style for this term May 17, 2018)

professor — “Professor” should not be used as a title in front of a person’s name when writing about faculty of the colleges of DCCCD. Instead, describe the person as faculty or an instructor. Using “professor” as a title suggests tenure and may be problematic. (agreed to by the Marketing and Communications Council March 22, 2018)