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2017 CEU and CTE Curriculum Membership Lists

Membership List (2017-2018) - Career/Technical and Continuing Education

  1. Administrators and Staff (PDF - 363KB)
  2. College Curriculum Committee Chairs (PDF - 77KB)
  3. Divisions/Deans/Division Secretaries/Disciplines List
    1. Brookhaven College(PDF - 107KB)
    2. Cedar Valley College(PDF - 96B)
    3. Eastfield College (PDF - 91KB)
    4. El Centro College (PDF - 102KB)
    5. Mountain View College (PDF - 93KB)
    6. North Lake College (PDF - 92KB)
    7. Richland College (PDF - 102KB)
    8. All Colleges(PDF - 205KB)
  4. Career and Technical Curriculum Committee Members/Chairs/Liaisons (PDF- 134KB)
  5. Continuing Education Curriculum Committee Chairs (for CEU Stand-Alone Programs) (PDF- 49KB)