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Core 2014 Compliance Process and Documentation

​Information accessed from this page reflects pertinent documents created or obtained during the creation and/or implementation of Core 2014.  This Core is effective beginning Fall 2014.

·         Core2014 THECB Approved for Fall 2014 Implementation
·         Core 2014 THECB Submission
·         DCCCD 2014 Core Overview (PDF 3.04MB)
·         Component I Course Selection Process (PDF 301KB)
·         Component III Proposed Courses - Part A (PDF 389KB)
·         Component III Proposed Courses - Part B (PDF 1.60MB)
·         CCRC Core 2014 FINAL Recommendations (PDF 794KB) CCST, VP, Chancellor's Staff, and Board approved
·         CCRC Core 2014 DRAFT Recommendations (PDF 232KB) Submitted to CCST in Spring 2013
·         CCST Charges Core 2014 - VP Approved (PDF 116KB)
·         This copy features dates January 16, 2013 - March 1, 2014.
·         CCST Core 2014 Timeline to Comply with THECB (PDF 136KB)
·         This copy features dates March 1, 2012 - January 1, 2013.
·         Core2014 Discipline Charges
·         Listening Exchange Schedule
·         VALUE Rubrics AACU (PDF 492KB)