Broker Licensure


Requirements for Broker Licensure

Educational Prerequisites for Applying for Broker Licensure

  • 60 semester hours or 900 classroom hours, which include at least 12 college credit hours or 180 classroom hours of core real estate courses. Pursuing the Cedar Valley College degree plan for an Associates Degree in Real Estate will substantially fulfill this requirement for broker education. Visit for more information.
  • Four years active experience as a Texas Real Estate Salesperson

Note: In compliance with Section 7A(a) of the Real Estate License Act, Mandatory Continuing Education (MCE) hours will be required to renew an active license as follows:
Mandatory Continuing Education is required for all active brokers not exempted in October 1991, and active salesmen who are not subject to Salesman Annual Education (SAE) requirements. The requirements to renew a two-year license on active status is 15 classroom hours, must include update on legal topics and ethics. Licensees must complete the course(s) within two years immediately preceding the license renewal date. Please contact the Texas Real Estate Commission if you are uncertain about when you should take your MCE courses.