Graphic Designer, The WildWorks Group and
Partner, ArtLoveMagic

“When I started taking computer graphics courses at DCCCD, I was working in sales at Nordstrom’s, but I had this huge artistic interest that I decided to feed. I started out with classes in Photoshop, Web design and 3-D graphics and landed my current job after I had taken just five computer graphics courses. All of those skills went into what I do now.

“I really liked experiencing the various teaching styles at DCCCD. Byron Black is amazing and I enjoyed every class I had with him. The instruction is really hands-on and class projects push you further than you would go by yourself. You really learn to think outside the box.

“The work I did at DCCCD pushed my creativity in considering my various skills and career options. I use all of the skill sets I learned — Web, print and animation — in my current job. I would recommend this program because it really opens up the possibilities of what you can do.”

David Rodriguez is in the process of completing his Computer Graphics Specialist certificate at DCCCD. As a graphic designer for The WildWorks Group, a company producing customized collaborative sessions through live capture of meetings and information, he “scribes,” a technique of translating live conversations into drawn images in real-time on marker boards, and builds real-time Web pages that capture a client’s work throughout a session.

In 2007, he helped launch and became a partner in ArtLoveMagic, promoting networking and development in the local arts community through live events that showcase artists’ work, networking between new and established artists, and a small publishing arm that is launching a line of comic books. The network includes artists in various performing and exhibiting media, including music, poetry, fiction, jewelry, pottery, painting and more.