Pamela Irwin

Adjunct Faculty
Cedar Valley College
Courses: Special Topics

Pamela Irwin attended Cedar Valley’s Recording Technology program from 1981 to 1983. She began working at Omega Audio’s remote recording facility and with Sound Southwest (sound reinforcement) during her second year there. She has been on staff at several studios in Dallas, including Omega Audio’s studio and Sumet-Bernet/ASC-Sumet Studios, where she became studio manager and chief engineer; Rosewood Studios in Tyler; and Patrick McGuire Recording in Arlington.

Ms. Irwin has served as interim audio director at KERA-Channel 13 and worked on major sporting events such as the stadium music for the Dallas Cowboys’ 1992-94 Super Bowl-winning seasons.

As a freelance engineer, Ms. Irwin has worked at several metroplex studios, including Crystal Clear, Audio Dallas, Dallas Sound Lab, Loominus, January Sound and Palmyra Studios. She has done live sound in venues from large to small and indoor to outdoor — from Dallas and across Texas to Los Angeles and New York City and many places in between.

She has also worked on television productions for cable and networks, including HBO, the MTV awards, ABC and CBS and has done both location audio and soundtrack recording for movies such as “The Big Easy” and “Hi-Lo Country.”

She has worked with nationally known performing artists including Don Henley, The Dixie Chicks, Merle Haggard, LeAnn Rimes, Ray Charles, Paul Schafer, Ron Wood, Jerry Lee Lewis, Roy Orbison, The Talking Heads, Dennis Quaid and Neil Young; as well as with local artists that include UNT’s 2:00 Lab Band, The Hashbrown Band, The Texas Playboys, Bugs Henderson, and Jim Suhler and Monkeybeat.