Patient Care Technician

Patient Care Technician, (NCPCT)

Patient Care Technician Certification

This 322-hour comprehensive course one of our Allied Health professional programs which provide hands on training with direct patient care within their regulated scope of practice. They perform basic nursing assistant tasks (as delegated by the nursing or medical staff) which may include obtaining patient vital signs and other data, communicating with the healthcare team and patients, assisting with activities of daily living (ADLs), complying with confidentiality requirements, performing ECGs and Phlebotomy tasks. Completers of this program are eligible to sit for the national examination through the NCCT, National Center for Competency Testing.

Note: For students enrolled in the Patient Care Technician program, additional certificates are available. EKG Technician Certification, Phlebotomy Technician with completion of a clinical rotation, and Certified Nursing

Class OutlineHours
Medical Terminology (HITT 2031)48
Anatomy and Physiology (MDCA 1009)48
Phlebotomy (PLAB 1023)80
ECG Technician (ECRD 1011)50
Nurse Aide (NURA 1001)60
CPR* (EMSP 1019) *prereq8
PCT Clinical (NUPC 1091) 36
PCT Exam Review (NURA 2000) *optional 24
Total 322

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