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CVC Phlebotomy Information Packet

Welcome to Cedar Valley College's Phlebotomy Certificate program!

Please review this packet for required information and FAQs.


Appointment is required for registration. Schedule an appointment with Maya Fernandez.

MFernandez@dcccd.edu; 972-860-8012

Provide all required documents.

Required Items for Registration
1.       Phlebotomy Application
2.       High School Diploma/GED
3.       Driver's License or Picture ID
4.       Statement of Student Responsibility / Confidentiality Statement
5.       Immunizations (See application for complete list)
6.       Liability Insurance (Purchased at Cashier's Office in L Building)
Items to Complete After Registration
7.       BLS or CPR Certification or CPR Course Registration (available at CVC)
8.       Criminal Background Check (CBC) - $45 (Paid online by student)
9.       Drug Screen - $40 (Cash or Credit Card paid day of by student; scheduled on campus prior to first class date)
10.   CVC Student ID Badge – Obtain in L Building after registration
11.   Textbook(s) – Purchase at CVC Bookstore in L Building
12.   Scrubs for Clinical Rotation – Students to purchase near completion of PLAB 1023. More instructions will be given by instructor.


Phlebotomy Technician Certification

A 216-hour comprehensive course, one of our Allied Health professional programs which provide hands on training with direct patient care within their regulated scope of practice.  Program prepares professionals to collect blood specimens from clients for laboratory analysis. Students will become familiar with all aspects of blood collection and develop comprehensive skills to perform venipuncture competently and safely.

Classroom work includes terminology, anatomy and physiology, blood collection procedures, specimen hands on practice, and clinical training in skills and techniques to perform puncture methods. The program also includes lab exercises. Students will work with training arm and other exercises intended to prepare them to function as an entry level phlebotomy technician. The curriculum is designed to provide the educational information and competencies required by (ASCP), American Society for Clinical Pathology, and the National Center for Competency Testing, (NCCT) for certification as a Phlebotomy Technician.

Class OutlineHours/Cost
CPR/BLS Healthcare provider (EMSP 1019) *Prerequisite
Phlebotomy (PLAB 1023) 96/$960
Phlebotomy Clinical (PLAB 1060)120/$360
Additional course work recommended for double certification:
ECG Technician Certification                                                                                                                                                                                                            60/$600
*CPR is a Prerequisite 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.      How long does the program take, and what classes must be taken?

Semester One: Phlebotomy lecture; PLAB 1023 which is 96 hours. It typically takes 6-10 weeks, depending how often your class meets. M/W/F will finish within 6-8 weeks. T/R will finish 7-9 weeks. Saturday only class will take 12-15 weeks. This includes school and holiday closures.

2.      Does the clinical rotation have to be completed?

Yes. Phlebotomy clinical is PLAB 1060. More information will be given as you complete PLAB 1023.

3.      What is the cost breakdown?

Tuition: $960 for PLAB 1023; $320 for PLAB 1060 (Subject to change per district policy).

Liability Insurance: Fall Semester = $11; Spring Semester = $8; Summer Semester = $5 (Purchase at CVC Cashier's Office in L Building)

Criminal Background Check: $45 (Paid online by student)

Drug Test: $40 (Paid day of by student; cash or credit card)

CPR Class: $70 (Student can register for course at CVC or complete on their own through accrediting organization)

Textbooks: Approximately $70-100 (Purchase at CVC Bookstore in Building L)

4.      Is there Financial Aid available?

Yes. Please read "Financial Aid Guide Sheet". Contact CVC Financial Aid Office in L114 or bchance@dcccd.edu

5.      Where can I get the required vaccines?

See list of providers in the application packet.

6.      Do I need to have textbooks on the first day of class?


7.      What salary can I expect?

$22,000 - $33,000 annually (Source: glassdoor.com)

8.      What is the job demand for this field?

Employment of phlebotomists is projected to grow 24 percent from 2016 to 2026, much faster than the average for all occupations. Hospitals, diagnostic laboratories, blood donor centers, and other locations will need phlebotomists to perform bloodwork.

9.      What is the next possible step to further my career?

After completing the Phlebotomy Certificate, you can complete our EKG certificate. These two certificates will increase your chances of finding a job in the field and with higher pay.

10. What state certification do I need?

American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP): $135.00

  • Upon completion of the program, students are able to sit for the exam; this is a separate cost paid directly by students to the accrediting body.

11. I have a criminal record (includes misdemeanors and felonies). Can I still participate in the program?

This program may lead to an occupational license for which a prior criminal history may make a student ineligible. For more information, please visit dcccd.edu/hb1508.

12.  Is there an online video I can watch to see what a phlebotomist does?

Yes. Please watch: https://youtu.be/rYfF_3WBRyY

13.  Do you assist veterans?

Yes. Please reach out to our Veterans Services office. They are located in Building L, and be reached at 972-860-8219.