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Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding specialists are crucial to the success of the health care industry in health information management. You can enter that world as a medical billing and coding specialist.

As a medical billing and coding specialist, you will review and process medical claims to make sure insurance companies properly reimburse doctors and hospitals. You will maintain detailed health care records using a formal coding system.

To do the job correctly, you will need to understand terminology for filing and appealing claims.

This program will prepare you for all those responsibilities by improving your computer and typing skills, your attention to detail and your organizational skills. It will also get you ready to find work in multiple areas, including hospitals, rehabilitation clinics, nursing homes and medical labs.

HB 1508 Notice

This program may lead to an occupational license for which a prior criminal history may make a student ineligible. For more information please visit dcccd.edu/hb1508.

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Welcome to Cedar Valley College's Medical Billing and Coding Certificate program!

Please review this packet for required information and FAQs.


Appointment is required for registration. Schedule an appointment with Maya Fernandez.

MFernandez@dcccd.edu; 972-860-8012.

Provide all required documents.

Required Items for Registration
1.      Application
2.      High School Diploma/GED
3.      Driver's License or Picture ID
4.      Statement of Student Responsibility/Confidentiality Statement
Items to Complete After Registration
5.      CVC Student ID Badge – Obtain in Building L after registration
6.      Textbook(s) – Purchase at CVC Bookstore in Building L

Medical Billing and Coding Certification

Medical Billers and Coders classify health information to obtain insurance reimbursement for the healthcare provider's expenses. They review documents for completeness and accuracy and transmit claims for payment. This program prepares the individual to work in medical offices and clinics. Completers of this program are eligible to take the Certified Professional Coder Exam (CPC) through the American Association of Professional Coders (AAPC).

This 240-hour program can typically be completed in two semesters by attending day or evening courses. Most courses are available online as well. As of Spring 2019, tuition is $2,440. DCCCD can change tuition and therefore, Cedar Valley must adhere to any changes that may occur at any time. Tuition does not include textbooks. Students must purchase textbook and access code to pass each course. Students must have Internet access and a computer to access coursework.

Class OutlineHours/Cost
Medical Terminology I (MDCA 1013) Prerequisite*48/$480
Medical Law and Ethics for Health Professionals (HITT 1053)32/$320
Human Disease/Pathophysiology (MDCA 1009) 48/$480
Medical Insurance/Coding (MDCA 1043)48/$480
Advanced Billing and Coding (POFM 2010)64/$640
Course offerings vary by semester.
Additional course work recommended:
Certified Coding Exam Review (HITT 2049)32/$320

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For program information, please contact Maya Fernandez at:

MFernandez@dcccd.edu or



Looking to earn more? A career as medical billing and coding specialist can start you on the path to a great career in health care or business.