Grant Preliminary Proposal Development Documents

Grant Preliminary Proposal Development Documents

Cedar Valley College uses a methodical planning process to obtain external funding to advance the College's strategic plan and achieve a significant return on investment.

Grants Planning Schedule with Funding Priority Needs:
The Grants Office maintains an annual strategic Grants Planning Schedule with Funding Priority Needs which outlines deadlines for continuing projects, new institutional priorities, and new divisional/department priorities. Information from the Priority Needs list is used to create the Grants Office action plan for the fiscal year.

Grant Decision Matrix:
Grant opportunities that arise during the year that are not on the Priority Needs list are assessed using this tool, allowing us to make the critical go/no-go decisions based on some rational process rather than "Wow, what a neat idea—let's do it!"

External Funding Proposal Concept Abstract:
The Grants Office/Resource Development Officer (RDO) request that all funding initiatives, planned and unplanned opportunities, use a External Funding Proposal Concept Abstract form to document the funding concept, impact to the college resources, impact to students, partnerships needed and high level grant details. This document is used by the Grants Office/RDO and College leadership as a tool to review the grant opportunity against the strategic goals and funding priorities.

Grant Process Development Flowchart illustrates the steps of the planning and development process through submission.