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Grants Decision Matrix

Cedar Valley College Grant Decision Matrix

Principal Project Manager:Project Focus
FactorsWeighted Decision Criteria 
1. Fit with College mission, strategic plan, research findingsDoes not align with mission and planMarginally matches the College mission and planHelps fulfill the College mission and plan 
2. Background (expertise of College in this area)Weak in area or totally new area for CollegeAverage experience in this areaStrong experience in this area 
3. College Project Team (internal)Poor internal team, lack in qualifications  Good internal team, with good new hires availableSuperb internal team  
4. Return on investment  (financial potential or benefit to students)Poor short-term, poor long-term, likely to cost College or doesn’t benefit studentsQuestionable short- or long-term benefitsExcellent short- and long-term benefits for College and students 
5. Partners (external collaborators/subcontractors)Partners not contacted or established – weak connectionsPartners will not have an effectPartners will enhance the effort 
6. Advance information on RFP (adequate for response)Did not expect RFP, guidelines not clearUp-to-date with RFP, no major negativesGood information, ready to respond 
7. Capability to respond to RFPDo not have staff time to adequately respondStresses staff time, but are able to respondHave staff time to develop highly competitive proposal 
8.  Competitive assessment (competition and funding possibilities)Competition very strong, odds are under 10%Open competition, odds are 10 – 50%Weak competition, odds exceed 50% 
9. Funding agency (contacts, history, rapport)College is unknown to this agency and staffCollege is known to agency and staffCollege has well-developed working relationships 
10. College resources
(space/personnel/matching/funds/ evaluation)
Significant investment of college resourcesMarginal investment of college resourcesMinimal investment of college resources