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Grants Development Office

The Cedar Valley College Community, Resource and Economic Development Department (CRED) houses the Grants Development and Grants Management Team with the responsibility of:

  • Helping faculty and staff visualize new projects and programs;
  • Facilitating the development of competitive grant proposals and
  • Helping to ensure that projects are realistic and can be easily managed.

Grant support can be an integral part of improving the strength and quality of Cedar Valley College. Grants can assist in:

  • Upgrading current programs;
  • Attracting new faculty and students;
  • Aiding in becoming a premier community college;
  • Providing new educational opportunities;
  • Promoting and enhancing diversity;
  • Adding and improving resources;
  • Supporting community service activities.

Please contact the grant team if you are interested in developing a grant.

Contact Us

Allison Maldonado, Ph. D
Senior Manager of Grants

C.A. Engleton
Coordinator of Grants Management & Compliance

Phyllis Smith
Grant Program Coordinator