Spring 2020 classes have resumed online.
Please visit dcccd.edu/coronavirus for additional information and to learn how to prepare for online classes.

New Southwest Building

The new southwest building (Thunderduck Hall) houses the Student Intake Center and the Computer Science facilities.  It will also serve as sthe main visitor and first time user entrance to the campus.  The new building will also house the relocated Media lab (from upper Neches), 2 LGI's and general classroom space.

From left: 1) Thunderduck Hall, main entry to Richland College; 2) View of Thunderduck Hall facing southwest; 3) Interior view at receptionist station; 4) Front entry to Thunderduck Hall; 5) Lounge seating at second level; 6) Exterior view facing northeast; 7) Southeast view at Thunderduck Lake; 8) Second level overlooking campus.