IntegraColor Video


We were interested in providing our employees a better education into technology.

Especially with some of the newer software packages that are on the market.

And that we needed skills in order to keep up with those demands from our customers and from our vendors.

And so we looked for a way that we could do that and bridge that gap.

To cover that cost and then of course to provide the training for those people.

We have been training on Microsoft Excel software for our sales team.

And then pre-press services like Adobe Cloud.

It's been great working with Eastfield because they have stepped in and filled that gap on providing instructors.

Helping us set up the classroom with the technology, and have been there every step of the way to make sure that the instructors are prepared.

And the classes are handled properly.

And that all we have to do is make sure that the students show up and are, are, get the training that they are set to do.