DCCCD Workforce Partners

Solutions for Building a Strong Economy

Workforce development and training describes a wide range of programs designed to educate and produce workers whose skills match current and projected economic demands.
Dallas County Community College District has been committed to providing skilled workers for a competitive local economy since it was founded in 1965. The seven colleges of DCCCD provide workforce training programs that:
  • Can be customized to businesses of all kinds and sizes
  • Include needs assessment consultation, job skills training and professional development
  • Partner with businesses in both the public and private sectors
  • Deliver the most technologically current skills and practices
  • Provide industry-recognized certifications
  • Assist in client-targeted job placement
  • Offer flexible scheduling for employees
  • Can be offered on-site at businesses or at any of the colleges
  • Provide all of these services at a competitive price structure

Workforce Education at the Colleges of DCCCD

Each of the seven colleges of DCCCD has a Workforce Education division that works with area businesses to customize training.

Phone Number
Brookhaven College 972-860-4719
Cedar Valley College​972-860-8047
Eastfield College​972-860-7114
El Centro College
Mountain View College214-860-8529
North Lake College972-273-3357
Richland College - Garland Campus​214-360-1201

Strategic Workforce Partners

The colleges of DCCCD work with a wide range of partners to train workers in all areas of the public and private sectors. Some of our strategic workforce partners include:

Business Development 


Health Care Initiatives

Technical Training

Texas Workforce Commission Skills Development Fund

Education and Industry Partnerships for a Strong Economy
Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) is the state agency providing workforce development services to employers and job seekers in Texas to achieve and sustain economic prosperity.
TWC administers funding for the Skills Development Fund, providing customized training opportunities to increase skill levels and wages of the Texas workforce. Skills Development Fund grants emphasize highly technical training curricula appropriate to the participating business partner’s industry.
This customized training includes:
  • Tailored curriculum specific to the business partner’s needs
  • Classes conducted at the employer’s site or at the training provider’s location
  • Flexible class schedules to minimize impact to employers
  • Addressing company needs in real time using real work situations
A business, consortium of businesses or trade union identifies a training need and partners with a public community or technical college to fill that need. Businesses work with college partners to submit proposals, develop curricula and conduct training. The Skills Development Fund pays for the training, the college administers the grant, and businesses create new jobs and improve the skills of their current workers.
As the primary Skills Development Fund training provider, college partners are better able to respond to the evolving needs of industry. Businesses gain a more highly trained workforce, workers upgrade their skills and the economy of Texas strengthens as a whole.