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Compliance With Conflicts Disclosure Statute

During the 2005 session, state legislators passed a new statute (Chapter 176 of the Local Government Code) requiring officers of local government entities* to report conflicts of interest with vendors of the local government entities. This statute applies to community colleges and their boards of trustees and chancellors.

Local governmental officers must file a Conflicts Disclosure Statement if:

1. they or one of their family members receives taxable income from a vendor that is doing (or considering doing) business with the local government entity or
2. they have received gifts (other than food, lodging, transportation or entertainment accepted as a guest) that have a total value of more than $250 in the 12-month period before the officer becomes aware of the conflict.

To comply with the new statute, DCCCD and its officers who have reports to file are publishing that information on this page.

* This statute also requires vendors to disclose conflicts of interest with local government entity officers.

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