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July 24, 2017 (Vol. 6, Issue 20)

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  • They're Back!
  • Impact on DCCCD
  • #TXLege Download
  • Finis – Summer, Summer, Summertime!

They're Back!

Perhaps they are not quite poltergeists, but last week on July 18, Gov. Greg Abbott called members of the Texas House and the Texas Senate back to Austin. Why? Didn’t we send the final Sine Die edition of Capitol Update? Yes, we did, and we hope (crossing fingers) you read it. According to the Texas Constitution, the governor has the power to call members back to the Capitol City to address emergency items or other legislative issues. Here are a few key rules: 

  • Duration of a Special Session is 30 days.
  • Governor decides which legislative issues can be addressed.
  • Governor can call more than one special session. 

Gov. Abbott has decided on 20 items that are important. The first item is addressing sunset legislation that has a direct impact on a handful of agencies, including the Texas Medical Board. The other items which will be considered can be found on the governor’s site. Want to read more about the special session? Here are a few helpful articles: Dallas Morning NewsTexas Tribune.

A state representative provides a tour upon adjournment.

Impact on DCCCD

As noted above, the special session will focus on 20 legislative items. One of the bills that directly affects DCCCD is titled “Property Tax Reform.” Property taxes in Dallas County generally are split into six, and in some cases seven, taxing jurisdictions, one of which is DCCCD. The DCCCD portion represents one of the smallest dollar amounts on your tax bill among the county, cities and schools.. 

In the Senate, SB 1 – “relating to ad valorem taxation” – has been heard in committee and is on its way to the Senate floor for debate. In the House, HB 4 has been filed and will be heard in committee tomorrow, July 25. DCCCD and TACC, the Texas Association of Community Colleges, oppose SB 1 and HB 4, and we are asking legislators to exempt DCCCD from both bills. 

For more information on bills filed during the Special Session please visit our website. You can view House and Senate bills that potentially affect DCCCD. 

Here are a few related articles: TribTalk, My SA, KUT

#TXLege Download

We know you can’t get enough of our state legislators and their solution-searching bills. As a result, we decided to bring back the ever popular #TXLege Download. Grab your iced coffee and enjoy reading what has occurred at your capitol over the last seven days. 

Finis — Summer, Summer Summertime!

We are officially in the dog days of summer, and the temperature in Texas is not the only thing heating up. The Senate is operating at warp speed, while the House is being “deliberate.” But among the 20 items Gov. Abbott has placed on the special session calendar, many will have a direct impact on you. The question is: Will you, we, and other Texans be paying attention? Below is a picture of the capitol extension where most of the members’ offices are located. Usually during legislative session it’s a busy place – but not so much last week. 

Don’t worry; our advocacy team at DCCCD has you covered. Yes, it’s summertime, but we will continue to monitor legislative activity and act when necessary. Now hop in the pool, grab a cold drink, and play your favorite summer music. Oh, and don’t forget the sunblock.