First Year Experience

Welcome to Cedar Valley College! We are so excited about your future here with us.

The First Year Experience (FYE) initiative is designed to enhance the experience of new and transfer students by providing the tools and skills necessary to succeed. The end goal is completion through graduation.

FYE students are required to attend CVC Preview Days and also meet with their First Year Advisors.

The FYE team is there to guide you through your first semesters at Cedar Valley College and will provide information to help you achieve your academic goals. We will help you choose a program of study, guide your through the registration process, build a personalized degree plan, assist with course adjustments, explore education and career goals, and much more.   
All new students are required to do the following:
  1. New students entering college for the first time are required to meet with a First Year Advisor (including transfer students with less than 12 credit hours).
  2. New students are highly encouraged to attend Preview Days (New Student Orientation).  See the New Student Orientation webpage for full details.
  3. A student who meets any of the following conditions is considered a new student: 

    • Enrolling in college for the first time

    • No college-level coursework

    • Fewer than 12 credit hours earned

By the end of your first year you will:
  • Attend Preview Day before you are allowed to register
  • Meet several times with First Year Advisor
  • Create short-term goals
  • Identify student resources and know when and how to use them
  • Gather information and make decisions regarding your academic and employment goals
  • Identify methods to be successful in courses
Have questions about our First Year Experience program? Contact:
William Gunn, Manager of First Year Experience, 972-860-8282
Dr. Robin Washington-White, Dean of Student Success, 972-860-8282
CVC Collaborative Learning Center, Building C, Room C206