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Trapper Barnes CVC Alumni Profile Video descriptive transcript

I started Cedar Valley college back in 2002.

Pursuing this business was a unique avenue because I really didn't know when I went to               college that my baseball career was only gonna last three years. You know, as a young athlete, I thought I was gonna go for a long time, and so then you know, when I went to Cedar Valley and learned the skill level to become a technician and an installer, that got me to where I could be able to fix things.  That's what we do. We're out there helping customers fix their problems in their home, whether it be indoor air quality, whether it be they've just had a bad service experience.  What really has helped us grow is the culture that we've built and provided here at Infinity Texas Air.

What I really enjoyed at Cedar Valley was just it feels like a small community, small hometown community that everybody wants to support each other in an opportunity to get out there in a trade, whether it be heating and air conditioning or or the automotive. They wanted to see you succeed and so that was very inspiring you know, as a as a young adult starting a career.

Once I was able to master that craft through the help of Cedar Valley, it's almost like a sense of pride, this is me I'm able to support not only our customers when we were smaller, but now I'm able to support our whole team and and give them the training that I learned there as well.

I think one of the biggest things and opportunities that I saw that I could take away from Cedar Valley to implement in our company was putting a training facility in ourselves, and that allows us to take someone that may not have any training at all or couldn't afford to go to school, bring them in and teach them from the ground up and really inspire them to want to grow in this career path we have.

The education that I received at Cedar Valley, it's afforded me everything that I have today.