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CVC Saturday Testing

​CVC Testing Center Open on Saturday, June 30

With every semester comes greater challenges and obstacles regarding the Texas Success Initiative Assessment (TSIA). The Cedar Valley College Testing Center has made an effort to provide extra testing assistance to help overcome as many TSIA testing hurdles as possible that you may face in 2018.

After discussions with high schools, community and internal consideration, CVC's Testing Center, will offer a special Saturday testing date of June 30, 2018, open to the community and all high schools within our service area.

This special testing session will begin at 9 a.m. at the CVC Testing Center, Bldg. L, Room L113. Seats are available for testing by request only (via email). This Saturday testing is in addition to the normal week of TSIA testing, Monday-Thursday (8:30 a.m.-4 p.m.) and Friday (8:30 a.m.-noon).

To take advantage of this special test offer, the following is a list of criteria that must be met:

  • All testing requests should RSVP to the following email address no later than noon on June 26, 2018 to allow confirmed notifications to be sent back to the participants.
  • Email requests received after noon on June 26 will not be considered for testing on June 30.
  • All students must have an application on file and have received a CVC Student ID Number prior to requesting this testing session.
  • All students must have completed the PAA (Pre-Assessment Activity) prior to testing.
  • All students must RSVP (students without reservations will be unable to test).
  • All testing that requires payment should be made prior to June 30, 2018.

If you choose to participate in this special TSIA testing offer and are in need of tutoring prior to testing on June 30, please contact Joe Colbert at 972-860-2974 or email him at

The CVC Testing Center's mission is to actively assist learners and educators to meet their educational goals by providing TSIA testing.

If you have any questions regarding this special TSIA testing event, please call Virginia Pate at 972-860-2904 or email her at