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CVC Church Security

Church Safety Addressed in CVC Training

In today’s headlines, it has become more common to read about violence in public venues, even extending to places of worship. Cedar Valley College believes community engagement can help address this urgent topic.

Safety and security in public places continues to be a hot topic in our nation and around the world. Since last fall, Cedar Valley has taken a proactive approach to assisting places that are vulnerable to attacks – churches and faith-based institutions.

CVC Police, in collaboration with Continuing Education, have launched a series of training classes specifically designed to assist faith-based organizations in addressing and managing the challenges of safety within churches, sanctuaries and houses of worship.

Anthony W. Williams, the commanding officer for CVC Police, said the training classes held so far have been both enlightening and somewhat surprising.

“We are often in the same rooms with people of many faiths, yet we are finding so much common ground even though there may be differences in religious philosophies,” Williams said.

In the wake of shootings and other acts of violence, the need has arisen to prepare church leadership, ushers, greeters and safety teams for the ever-evolving dynamics of managing congregations with a sense of both spirit and safety in mind. The training is a combined effort that involves professional counselors, law enforcement commanders, safety security experts, marketing managers, and clergy to provide comprehensive training to meet the needs and challenges of all stakeholders responsible for managing congregations.

“One of the things we are proud of is being able to provide such comprehensive training at an affordable cost for any church or faith-based institution interested in this subject,” said RePaula Tate, an adjunct instructor who helped develop the training.

Areas of concentration include:

  • Stressing how lack of preparation can impact a congregation for generations to come
  • Reviewing the current safety environment
  • Providing key information and strategies for a comprehensive safety management plan

The training facilitators are also available for on-site inspections and safety plan development.

The cost of the training is $35 per student. Most of the training is held at Cedar Valley’s satellite location in Cedar Hill. However, Williams noted that demand for the classes is such that it will be expanded soon to cover areas in East Texas.

The next scheduled sessions are April 29, May 6 and May 20.

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