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Program Learning Outcomes

Cedar Valley College documents that students acquire knowledge and develop higher-order intellectual skills appropriate to the level of the degree earned.

This documentation is a matter of validating institutional quality and providing accountability as well as setting the conditions for improvement of learning. Faculty do this by identifying program learning outcomes, and then identifying the assessment tool to measure the extent of student learning for each of these outcomes. Each program coordinator leads their faculty through interpretation of evidence and then guides a discussion on learning environment adjustment based on the data analyzed. An action plan is developed amongst the faculty based on this discussion.
Program Learning Outcomes Assessment Cycle

Institutional Expectations for Program Learning Outcomes Assessment

  1. Programs must confirm yearly assessment plans (program learning outcomes, assessment tools, and goals) by October 1 of each year.
  2. Every program must identify at least three (3) measurable program learning outcomes, yearly.
  3. Programs must submit analyzed yearly assessment Spring results and action plans by October 31st.
  4. Programs must assess all program learning outcomes yearly using at least one direct method of assessment.
  5. Assessment methods must relate directly to the outcomes being assessed.
  6. Every program/unit must identify at least one strong improvement action annually.

Writing Program Learning Outcomes

Program learning outcomes should be clear in the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that students are expected to acquire at an institution of higher education. Outcomes should ideally contain one action verb and one subject, making it more assessible. Example: Student will be able to [ACTION VERB] [CONTENT AREA] . We encourage faculty to review Bloom’s Taxonomy when writing program learning outcomes. Below are a few resources to get you started: