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Curriculum and Assessment Office

The Curriculum and Assessment Office supports faculty in:

  • Academic curriculum management
  • Instructional initiatives, including core curriculum and the Quality Enhancement Plan
  • College academic assessment activities at all levels (section, course, and program)

Core Objectives Assessment

The core objectives are skills and abilities that the state of Texas and Cedar Valley College believe all students should possess. We define and assess the core objectives as one way to measure how well we are creating an environment that fosters growth for these important skills. Core objectives include communication skills, critical thinking skills, empirical and quantitative skills, teamwork, social responsibility, and personal responsibility. These five core objectives are relevant in virtually any field of study. Capstones, portfolios, research projects, signature assignments, internships, and comprehensive examinations provide rich evidence that can be analyzed for multiple outcomes.

Program Learning Outcomes Assessment  (stand-alone certificates and associate degrees only)

Cedar Valley College documents that students acquire knowledge and develop higher-order intellectual skills appropriate to the level of the degree earned. This documentation is a matter of validating institutional quality and providing accountability as well as setting the conditions for improvement of learning. Faculty do this by identifying program learning outcomes, and then identifying the assessment tool to measure the extent of student learning for each of these outcomes. Each program coordinator leads their faculty through interpretation of evidence, and makes changes to the learning environment as needed.

Contact Information

Dr. Jannette Flores
Dean of Curriculum and Assessment
Building B - B211