Cedar Valley College Leadership


Dr. Joseph Seabrooks, 972-860-8250

Administrative Assistant to the President
Rolanda Price, 972-860-8250

Executive Cabinet

The President's Executive Cabinet is made up of the following members:

Vice President of Instruction
Audra Barrett, 972-860-8261

Vice President of Student Development and Enrollment Management
Dr. Lisa Copprue, 972-860-8147

Vice President of Business and Administrative Services
Huan Luong, 972-860-8102

Executive Director of Advancement 
Patricia Davis
, 972-860-8179

Executive Director of Human Resources
Warren Davis
, 972-860-2944

The President's Executive Cabinet meets regularly to guide the implementation of the strategic plan, direction of the college, and to address operational issues.

Academic Deans

  • Executive Dean of Liberal Arts and General Education Transfer
    Dr. Solomon Cross, 972-860-8120
  • Executive Dean of Business, Workforce and Skilled Trades
    Dr. Ruben Johnson, 972-860-8161
  • Executive Dean of Early Collegiate Discovery Center (Early College/Dual Credit)
    Dr. Jeffrey Miller, 972-860-8175
  • Executive Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics
    Eddy Rawlinson, 972-860-5210

Non-Academic College Administrators

  • Senior Executive Dean of Enrollment Management
    Jarlene DeCay, 972-860-8071

  • Senior Director of Facilities Management and Operations
    Cynthia Rogers, 972-860-8187

  • Director of Sustainability and Programs (Advancement)
    Dr. Maria Boccalandro, 972-860-2973
  • Director of Planning, Research and Institutional Effectiveness
    Nicole Haan, 972-860-8054
  • Director of Student Rights and Responsibilities
    Miyoshi Holmes, 972-860-5216

  • Director of Early Collegiate Discovery Center
    Olivia Guerra Long, 972-860-8067

  • Director of Marketing and Communications
    Henry Martinez, 972-860-8142
  • Director of Information Technology
    Michael White, 972-860-8232
  • Associate Director of Business Office
    Jim Jones, 972-860-8058