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Cedar Valley College > SWOT -- Cost Savings Strategies

As our college prepares to face new and exciting challenges, our success will depend upon the collective talents and skills of ALL of our employees, as well as effective leveraging of ALL of our resources. It’s been stated that leveraging resources will become increasingly important if community colleges are to successfully navigate these forces of change. 

We’ve all been introduced to the inspiring book, “Community Colleges on the Horizon” where colleges are defined as either, “Colleges of Challenge”, “Colleges of Choice”, or “Colleges of Abundance”.

In our quest to evolve into a “College of Abundance”, as well as address the current deficit that we face, our emphasis has been on leveraging resources in the absence of the option to allocate resources. With this in mind, the College Management Team has identified five areas in which we could leverage resources.  Leveraging refers to an organization’s capacity to achieve superior performance by optimally using its resources.

The five (5) areas identified are:

  1. Facilities
  2. Processes
  3. Revenue
  4. Staffing
  5. Technology

Through a series of work sessions, the College Management Team was able to compile an extensive list of cost saving ideas and strategies. These cost saving ideas/strategies were based on input from college managers who presented ideas derived from departmental/ work group discussions and meetings. The College Management Team was also charged with developing criteria to evaluate each of the proposed ideas.

To ensure that the list is inclusive, we are requesting that you provide us with any additional cost saving strategies that fall into any of the above- mentioned five (5) areas.  We also welcome your input on the criteria that will used to evaluate the proposed ideas.  On September 24th, you will have an opportunity to do this.  More information of the events of this day will follow. We will also include a suggestion form, so that you can keep track of your contribution to our improvement plan.

As stated in the book, Colleges on the Horizon, healthy cultures are more likely to develop in colleges that foster inclusion by continuously and consistently engaging staff in strategic activities. This is another  effort to engage you, please let your voice count.

Lastly, please find attached some supportive documents that will prepare you for our meeting scheduled for September 24th.