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Quality Enhancement Plan

The title of Cedar Valley College's QEP is "It All Begins with ME – Math Empowerment." This topic was ultimately selected for several reasons. Many of the students who enroll at Cedar Valley College arrive significantly under-prepared to be successful in college-level mathematics. Most of our students struggle for success in the mathematics curriculum, and retention rates within the developmental sequence are problematic. After reviewing several years of data, a broad-based group of faculty, staff, students and community members determined that successful completion of learning objectives in mathematics courses were a major obstacle for CVC students, often preventing them from completing their degree programs. As a result, a five-year research-based plan was developed to target student success, retention, and persistence in developmental and first college-level mathematics courses. The QEP will involve a series of student intervention strategies including active learning, supplemental instruction, peer-to-peer tutoring, improved advisement techniques and a "jump-start" program (intensive math refresher camps focusing on core concepts designed to improve initial placement scores). QEP Logo

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