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Cedar Valley College
Smoking/Tobacco and Electronic Cigarette Use on College Property

Cedar Valley College values a healthy and safe learning environment.
1.     Smoking and tobacco use in any form (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited:

a.     Inside all buildings, and athletic fields on college property.

b.    Within fifteen (15) feet of all entrances to buildings.

c.     Within fifteen (15) feet of all air intake vents.

d.    In or near all flammable storage areas.

e.     In all college owned vehicles.
2.     Smoking is permitted only in the designated areas.
3.     Signs will be posted identifying all non-smoking areas, and on the glass of exterior doors to all buildings.
4.     The sale of tobacco products (including electronic cigarettes) is prohibited on any college property.
5.     Enforcement. College Police are authorized to enforce the City ordinance and this operational memorandum including the possible use of citations.

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Page Modified: 6/13/2016 11:20 AM