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Frequently Asked Questions of the Office of Student Life

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What is the Office of Student Life (OSL)? OSL is an acronym for the Office of Student  Life.We are responsible for promoting student involvement while planning activities, programs, and events for the Cedar Valley College (CVC) campus.
Other resources under the umbrella of the Office of Student Life: Clubs and Organizations, Student I.D., Student Leadership Opportunities, Scholarships and Student Government.
Where are you located? We are located in the "D" Building and this is who you will find there:
D101 - Student I.D., Workroom and Office of Student Life Intern Office
D102 - Clubs/Organizations
D103 - Office of Student Life Program Development Specialists
D104 - Office of Student Life Director and Secretary

Where do I go to get a Student I.D.?

Room D-101.All students must have a paid Fee Receipt (for the current semester) and a picture I.D. (driver's license, school I.D., military I.D., etc.)

Do you have a map of the college?

Yes, Stop by D104 or visit www.cedarvalleycollege.edu

Can you give me information about the Computer Technology Program, Automotive, Program, Biology Class, or English Class, etc.?

Go to the Academic Division located in L-Building to find out more information.
 Can I work in the Office of Student Life? Every Fall semester we have openings for Office of Student Life Interns and Student Assistants.Check with the Office of Student Life Secretary, Harold Hankerson in D-104 or (972) 860-8233.
Can I join the Office of Student Life? No, but you can volunteer for the Office of Student Life Programs and Activities. You can join and pick-up information pertaining to clubs/organizations in OSL! Stop by and contact the Student Intern in D-101.
How do I join a club or organization?
Refer to the Office of Student Life Intern (designated club liaison), room D-101 or Club Sponsor. 
 How do I form a new organization? Speak with the Office of Student Life Intern (designated club liaison), room D-101 and pick up a petition/recognition for a student club/organization in D101 or D104.
 How do I join Student Government and Student Leadership Institute? Pick up an application in D104 or D103.
What scholarships do you offer? Every Spring we offer scholarships for the following year. There are both merit and need-based scholarships available:
LeCroy Scholarship - based on community service and proven leadership
Erin Tierney Scholarship- based on overcoming obstacles
Amidon/Beauchamp Scholarship - based on student leadership
Max and Rosa Goldblatt Scholarship - based on community service
How do I check out equipment? Bring your current student ID to D-101 or D-104 and pick-up equipment.
What type of equipment can be checked out? Ping-Pong, Dominoes, Board-games, Movies, various gaming equipment
What else can I do in the Office of Student Life (OSL)? During OSL Surprise Days--Enjoy a featured movie, Grab-A-Snack, Sign-up for organization(s), Form an organization, Host CVC club/organization meetings, Pick-up various information from the resource tables, Learn about upcoming events
What do I need to participate in OSL events? Students will need a current student ID to check-out equipment, receive give-aways, and participate in some events and programs.
Where can I get lunch? The cafeteria which also serves as the student center is located in D-Building and there are food and snack options available. Students also have the use of computers and recreational activities.
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