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Information regarding the Deaf/Blind Waiver

Program Purpose
The exemption program was created to help enable blind and deaf students to attend public colleges or universities in the state of Texas.

Eligibility Requirements

  • You must be a Texas resident.
  • You must declare a program of study at the time he/she applies for the exemption.
  • You must provide certification from the Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services (DARS) of status as a blind person or a deaf person. http://www.dars.state.tx.us
  • You must enroll in classes for which the college receives tax support (i.e., a course that does not depend solely on student tuition and fees to cover its costs).

New Requirements Fall, 2014
Senate Bill 1210 (83rd Texas Legislature, Regular Session) adds a Grade Point Average requirement for persons to receive continuation awards through the program. The Bill also establishes a Limit to the Total Number of Hours, cumulative, that a student may take and continue to receive awards through this program. These changes go into effect in fall, 2014.

Eligible Institutions
The waiver is available only for use at a Texas public college or university.

This exemption covers all dues, fees, and enrollment charges whatsoever for which exemptions may be lawfully made, including: fees for correspondence courses, general property deposit fees, and student service fees; however, the exemption does not include fees or charges for lodging, board, or clothing. No funds may be used to pay tuition for continuing education classes for which the college receives no state tax support.

Application Process

  • You are required to provide to the Cedar Valley College Disability Services Office (DS0) office certification from DARS of status as a blind person or a deaf person.
  • You are required to provide to DSO a written statement of purpose indicating which certificate, degree program, or professional enhancement will be pursued.
  • You are required to provide to DSO a copy of the high school transcript and a letter of recommendation.
  • You are required to provide to DSO proof that all admissions requirements have been met.
  • You are required to provide a letter of recommendation.

Additional Information To read more about this program check out: Texas Education Code, 54.364

Printable Authorization for use of Deaf/Blind Waiver
Printable Appeal Form Instructions for Completion
Printable Texas Waivers-Exemptions Appeal Form

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