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Course Curriculum

The DEVTP program is designed for working adults and or recent high school graduates. While the program is designed to be completed in two years students have the flexibility to take one course or more thus setting their own completion times. DEVTP offers every veterinary technician course every semester and we do not cap courses so you will never need a course and not be able to register for it.

Students are accepted year round, classes are currently offered in fall, spring and summer sessions. The distance learning program does not require students complete the general education prior to starting the program but it is highly recommended that students have at least completed biology and math before applying. It is recommended that all general education are completed before enrolling in intermediate level course work. All general education courses must be completed prior to enrolling in advanced coursework.

Veterinary Technology Breakdown

(No Clinic Required)
Intermediate Courses
(OCCI approved hospital required)
Advanced Courses
(OCCI approved hospital required)
VTHT 1301
VTHT 2201
VTHT 1413
VTHT 1217
VTHT 2321
VTHT 1349
VTHT 2205
VTHT 2209
BIOL 1406
ENGL 1301
Fine Arts*
Social Science*

*General education courses should not be taken all at the end but should instead be taken prior to basic courses or along with them.
VTHT 2223
VTHT 1345
VTHT 2213
VTHT 2331
VTHT 1341
VTHT 2439
VTHT 2325
VTHT 2380

For details on fine arts, social science and math options please see the approved list.

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