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Hands on Experience and OCCI

In order to complete the hands on or lab portion of many courses, students must either intern or work in an approved veterinary facility. In order for a clinic to be approved students must submit documentation and photos for non-AAHA facilities, and the documents with proof of accreditation in lieu of photos for any facility that is AAHA accredited.

Students must complete an OCCI packet at least six weeks before the start of the semester in which they plan on registering for upper level courses. The approval process can take upwards of 4-6 weeks (longer during peak times) once the packet has been submitted so please start the process early. Once approved you will be emailed an approval letter with an OCCI number which you will need to register.

Students do not have the option of coming to the Cedar Valley College campus to complete any hands on tasks for courses that require hands on skills except for students enrolled in VTHT 2325. Students without access to large animals have the option of attending fast track lab in which they complete all the large animal tasks in two days. Students must have and maintain access to an approved OCCI hospital for the entire semester they are enrolled in courses that require an approved clinic. Students who change clinics during the semester must notify their instructor immediately in writing and verify the new hospital is approved.

OCCI Site Access Instructions
If you have any questions, please email CVCVetTech@dcccd.edu.

No Clinic Required Approved Clinic Required BEFORE registration in these courses, no exceptions
VTHT 1301 VTHT 2223
VTHT 2201 VTHT 2331
VTHT 1413 VTHT 1341
VTHT 1217 VTHT 2325
VTHT 2321 VTHT 2213
VTHT 1349 VTHT 1345
VTHT 2205 VTHT 2439
VTHT 2209 VTHT 2380
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