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Getting Started Checklists

Admissions | Financial Aid | Registration | First Day of Class

Admissions Checklist

  1. Apply to College
    (While the application states that the SS# is optional, we do require it on all applications. Transcripts and tax forms are all tied to this number and if you fail to provide one, the system will make up a number and your transcripts cannot be applied to your account and tax forms will have the wrong number on them which causes tax preparers to turn down the form.)
  2. Submit the following forms to the vet tech office by fax to 972-698-3051 or scan and email to CVCVetTech@dcccd.edu.
  3. Setup your eConnect Account
  4. Add your account to the registry
  5. Mail all official college transcripts to
    • Cedar Valley College-Department of Veterinary Technology
    • 3030 N Dallas Ave
    • Lancaster, TX 75134
    • Attn: Dr. Kelly Black
  6. It is recommended that students take the ACT, THEA or SAT prior to or immediately following applying to the college. The test is offered on specific dates so check each website for details regarding the test dates and registering.

    Cedar Valley School Codes
    ACT School Code: 4087
    SAT College Board code: 6148

    The ACT or SAT is preferred but if you are unable to complete the ACT, THEA or SAT, you may take the TSI placement test offered through the school. There are two options for taking the test:

    1. Take the test at a public or private elementary, junior/high school, public library or through another college using our system. Request the TSI form through CVCVetTech@dcccd.edu, complete the TSI Request form then fax it to 972-698-3051 or email it back to CVCVetTech@dcccd.edu. Once the information is verified test details are sent to the proctor. Set up an appointment with the proctor to take the test.
    2. Students that are local can make an appointment and come to campus to take the TSI test.

    You must take reading placement, writing placement (including essay), and math placement.

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Financial Aid Checklist

If you plan on applying for financial aid, you must plan ahead; there are deadlines that must be met. Most financial aid programs have limited funds, so it is important to apply and submit required documents as early as possible. Limited funds are awarded on a first come, first served basis. ** Currently, federal aid (including pell and guaranteed loans) are not able to be used on level 1-3 courses, but it can be used on general education and level 4 courses. The government will also not pay for summer courses so if you wish to take courses in the summer you will need to take out the loans and save the refunds to pay for summer courses.

  • Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Title IV code: 014035
  • Complete the online entrance counseling requirement and also complete a Master Promissory Note at http://studentloans.gov/. This site uses your FAFSA PIN to log in to Manage My Direct Loan.
  • Complete the Loan Request Form. If you want to apply for a Federal Direct Loan (FDL) to help pay some of your educational costs, you must complete and submit this form to Cedar Valley College's Financial Aid Department. Important: Before you submit this form, you must have completed the above steps. Fax to 972-682-7038.

Cedar Valley College
Attn: Financial Aid Office
3030 North Dallas Ave.
Lancaster, TX 75134
email: cvcfa@dcccd.edu
fax: 972-860-5230
office hours: Monday-Tuesday, 8 a.m.-7 p.m.; Wednesday-Thursday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.; Friday, 8 a.m.-noon

Financial Aid Advisors

  • Chris Williams (Vet Tech Financial aid advisor) clwilliams@dcccd.edu
  • Make sure to include that you are a DL vet tech student in your email as well as your full name, id number and contact information.

Please do not call our office, we do not have the screens to be able to help you and there is not another number you can call. You must use the numbers above for questions concerning financial aid. The key to financial aid is planning ahead and persistence.

  1. Complete the FAFSA
  2. Log into eConnect
  3. Under Financial Aid: Select My Financial Aid Program & FA Award Instructions
  4. Under My Personal Information: Select My Program of Study
  5. Payment & Disbursements: DCCCD Money Card Address Verification (once the card arrives you must activate it)
  6. Keep an eye on My Messages, My Financial Aid Status, FA Missing Information Letter, and FA Award Letter. An email is usually sent to your email that is listed in eConnect if you require verification. It tends to be routed to the trash or spam folder so check it regularly.
  7. If you have financial aid questions please contact 972-587-2599
  8. **All admissions process must be completed to process financial aid. Loan applications will not be processed until the Financial Aid Office receives confirmation that you have successfully completed the U.S. Department of Education online entrance counseling (including the completion of a Master Promissory Note [MPN]), you have submitted the Loan Request Application, and all additional requested documentations have been received (econnect.dcccd.edu). Application processing may vary from 6-8 weeks. Once application is processed, disbursement of funds may take an additional 14-21 days depending on certification and enrollment level.
  9. Financial aid deadlines**
    Fall: May 1
    Spring: October 1
    Summer: April 1

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Registration Checklist

Registering for level 1-3 courses

Do not try to register using eConnect.

Self Pay Students

  • Call 1-800-883-6301 or go to www.devtp.org to register. You will need your ID number in order to register.

Using a Private Ed Loan, Scholarship, MYCAA, or other benefit (NOT federal aid)

  • Email CVCVetTech@dcccd.edu and request a Level 1-3 Loan scholarship form. Complete the form and where the payment information is you must include information about the payment/scholarship/loan. Once you are registered you must call Pam Thomas in the business office at 972-860-8055, to find out what she needs to process the payment/scholarship/loan.
  • Fax completed form to 972-698-3051 or scan and email it to CVCVetTech@dcccd.edu.

Registering for general education courses.
Students must complete placement testing or have transcripts submitted and evaluated that show completion of English and math.

  • To register for general education courses, you must email CVCVetTech@dcccd.edu.
    • Subject line: Gen ed advising Your full name ID number
    • All requests must include the information listed above to better help you. In the body of the email make sure to include what course you are interested in. Please register the first week of registration to make sure you get the class you want. Registration is done on a first come first serve basis and you are competing for only a handful of slots for general education courses.
  • When you send in your general education registration form, email it to DEVTPFORMS@dcccd.edu.
    • Subject Line: Registration form Your Full name ID Number
    • In the body of the message, include your phone number so we can contact you if there is a problem. Also include alternative course selections in case the course you want is full.

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First Day of Class

  1. Go to eCampus Main Page (bookmark this page only)
  2. Click Access Courses
  3. On the login page
    • enter your id number preceeded by a lower case e, for example e01234567.
    • The first time you enter your password it will be the same as your login. After successful entry you will be prompted to change it. Please keep in mind you will have to change your password every 90 so make sure it is something you can easily remember.
  4. As soon as you enter the site under the tools click Personal Information
    • Click Edit Personal Information
    • Change only your Email address, do not change your first or last name here. If you need changes done to your name, you must contact our office at 877-353-3482.
  5. Locate My Courses. The boxes are drag and drop so I would recommend right clicking with your mouse on the corner of this box and dragging and dropping it at the top so it is the first thing you will see when you enter. Also make sure announcements is near the top. The rest can be customized by clicking add module and personalize page.
  6. Once you have located My Courses you will need to access each course you are registered for by clicking on their links.
    • Follow the instructions for each individual course.
  7. If you are missing a course wait until the official first day of class, login and check the site again and if it is still missing call the office at 877-353-3482 or email your instructor of the missing course. Some instructors open their classes early to allow those that want to start the ability to do so but all classes will be turned on the official first day of class.
  8. If your textbooks have not arrived, email your instructor immediately and let them know.
  9. Students should check their email daily and course announcements every other day or so.American Animal Hospital Association logo

Problems with eCampus?

If you have a problem logging in or other technical issue please contact tech support at 866-374-7169 or972-669-6402 or on the web. Make sure you get a ticket # from them when you call.

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