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Commercial Building Energy Technology Program

What is Commercial Building Energy Performance Technology?

Commercial Building Energy Performance Technology is applying technology available to assess commercial building performance in energy use and environmental impact based on the industry standards; recommend the most economically and environmentally sound performance solutions; and implement energy efficient and green measures.

C1 - Green Energy in Buildings

A seven course certificate that teaches student's concept in the Commercial Building Energy Technology providing them with the opportunity to attain skills and knowledge necessary to enter into the growing industry of energy conservation where these skills can be used to curb consumption, sustain growth, and move toward a less energy intensive society.

C2 - Energy Management, Energy Efficiency, and Commissioning

This certificate combines the seven course of the Green Energy in Building certification and seven additional courses. This certificate provides students with the opportunity to learn skills and acquire knowledge in the area of energy management, energy efficiency, and commissioning.

ATC - Continuous Commissioning

The Advanced Technical Certificate provides additional knowledge, training, and skills for those students holding a B.S. degree in a related field or for those electing to enhance their skill sets in energy management and energy efficiency commissioning. Students will have a heightened awareness of the role of energy conservation in maintaining the value of a building's assets. They will be able to integrate their skills, capabilities, and values within a growing industry.

This "energy performance technology" program goes further with creating jobs addressing workforce demands and preparing individuals with skills and expertise to promote environmentally friendly technology. Energy efficiency and green technology is in high demand in both the commercial and residential sectors.

The implementation of green jobs will promote energy efficiency in commercial buildings where there is a huge consumption of electricity usage. As our demand for electricity is estimated to grow by over 25%in the next two decades, it is expected that current and emerging technologies in energy efficiency will have a positive impact on usage. The data clearly indicate the need for energy conservation and the demand of a trained workforce as green jobs in the commercial buildings sector continues to be an emerging field; job titles of energy performance technology include the following:

  • Energy managers
  • Energy auditors
  • Energy efficiency specialists
  • Building weatherization technicians
  • Measurement and verification technicians
  • Building utility analysts
  • LEED compliance technicians
  • Building commissioning* technicians
  • Continuous Commissioning® service technicians
  • Carbon reduction managers
  • Sustainable building analysts
  • Project Managers in HVAC commissioning, energy efficiency, performance engineering, etc.
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