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Facilities Services – Sustainability Initiatives

CVC Facilities Services has engaged in the following "Sustainability Initiatives" over the past several years and we will continue to identify and engage in initiatives to create sustainable and positive impact on our environment:

Water Conservation & Environmental Impact

  1. Conduct annual irrigation system audits to ensure maximum distribution and uniformity of water. Conduct weekly irrigation evaluations to repair/replace broken heads, lines, etc.
  2. Use of drip irrigation in beds.
  3. 75% of irrigation on the maintained property i.e. 88 acres is provided from the lake.
  4. Implemented an Organic Fertilization Program replacing the Chemical Fertilization Program.
  5. Established a compost bed using leaves and other organic material to use for composting and producing compost teas used as plant fertilizer for beds and shrubs.
  6. 90% of annual beds have been changed to Texas Native/drought tolerant perennial beds.
  7. Re-germination of annual plants for use the following season i.e. Sweet Potato Vine i.e. Ipomoea-Batatas.
  8. Purchase and use of the "Big Belly" trash compactor in the S-1 parking lot.
  9. Participate in the City of Dallas "Cease the Grease" Program.
  10. Use of "barley straw" for algae control in the lakes.

Environmental Impact

  1. 100% of paint used is Sherwin Williams/Green Sure No V.O.C.
  2. 2. Replaced all building walk off mats with "Recycle Tire Tuff" mats which consist of 100% total recycle content.
  3. 100% ceiling tiles manufactured with 82% recycle materials from Armb World Wide one of the 1st and leading manufacturers of recycled ceiling tiles and other products.
  4. Custodial contractor performs USGBC certified "High Performance Green cleaning" throughout all buildings on the campus using certified "green cleaning" products.
  5. Replacement of 35 year old glass windows and doors throughout all occupied buildings on campus i.e. 11 with the exception of buildings C and F with energy efficient 1" thermo pane E glass.
  6. Purchase of trash can liners with recycle content.
  7. Spring 2012 - elimination of paper towel usage throughout all campus public spaces replaced with the use of hand dryers.
  8. Purchase of bailer to bail all cardboard and recycle material reducing the amount of waste being taken to the landfill.
  9. Reduced the number of campus trash dumpsters resulting in campus savings.
  10. Installed new way finding signage on campus that include solar lighting.

Energy Efficiency/Water Conservation

  1. Installation of automotive flush valves on all urinals and Accessible commodes.
  2. 99.9% of interior lighting converted from T-12 to T-8 or better.
  3. Automatic lighting used for 80% - 90% of the campus.
  4. Sub-meters installed on all campus buildings for tracking and monitoring of KW consumption.
  5. Upgrade of campus boilers fy 14/15 for reduced emissions and energy efficiency.
  6. Replace 1976 toiles in building A – 1st phase with low flush toilets for water conservation.
  7. 90% of all blowers and pumps are VFD.
  8. Continual upgrade of 1976 terminal boxes to efficient VAV's.
  9. Reduce energy consumption through strategic weekend scheduling of campus space.
  10. Automated water treatment of both chiller plants to reduce usage of treatment chemicals.
  11. Received in 2011 a $3,248.00 check from Oncor for participation in their Educational Facilities Program for implementing "Energy Efficiencies and Conservation Measures".
  12. Received a $6,257.00 in 2012 an Oncor check for lighting upgrades in the gymnasium and cafeteria.
  13. Completed a lighting upgrade in the Library by replacing 1976 recessed lighting with CFL's.
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