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Mail Services

Welcome to the Mail Center at Cedar Valley College. This web site is intended to be a source of information for the services provided by the CVC Mail Center. Use the above legend to access services provided; mail room policies and delivery/pick-up schedules.

Contact Us
Room: F101A
Phone: 972-860-8022
Contact: Ms. Maye Jones

Mail Center Services

  • Meter out-going U.S. Mail
  • Sort and distribute in-coming U.S. Mail
  • Sort and distribute inter-campus/District Mail
  • Provide assistance with International Mail
  • Provide assistance with Federal Express. Federal Express is the only carrier available for use. Federal Express envelopes, boxes and air bills are available in the mail center.
  • Prepare and submit monthly charge-back reports to the campus Business Office
  • Prepare and submit requests to the Business Office for postage and permits
  • Maintain service/repair records on mail machine
  • Distribution for local Business Pages and Yellow Pages