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Who Pays
Billable vs. Non-Billable Services

The vast majority of services provided by the Facilities Services Department to the campus are funded through the Facilities Services Operating budget. These services are identified as any cost associated with maintaining, repairing or replacing any parts of a building structure, its systems, components and infrastructure. As a rule of thumb, if any equipment is not part of the building system and Facilities Services does not have full operational control, the responsibility of maintenance, repair or replacement resides with the Division that controls the equipment.


  • Re-keying/Replacement of keys
  • Walls repairs/re-painting due to pictures, art-work or bulletin boards being removed
  • Interior office signage changes
  • Minor renovations to classrooms, offices, labs, etc.
  • Electrical additions due to program changes
Please click on the forms link to obtain the appropriate paper work for Billable Services.
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