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Cedar Valley College (CVC) is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC). In preparation for its next reaffirmation process which concludes in 2013, CVC is engaged in the assessment of programs, departments, and student learning outcomes and in the development of a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP).

Every ten years the college is assessed using the Principles of Accreditation with a follow-up report every five years. Cedar Valley College's Institutional Effectiveness Plan addresses assessment as well as program and department reviews throughout the college. CVC's Compliance Report, which will be submitted to the SACSCOC on March 14th of 2012, will be reviewed by an Off-Site team; during the week of October 8-11, 2012, an On-Site committee will conduct a review of our Quality Enhancement Plan and other documents.

CVC is committed to student success and the successful reaffirmation of the institution. The reaffirmation process reflects the continuous improvement that SACSCOC expects and that CVC maintains as a part of the institution's daily operations.

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