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President: Dr. Jennifer Wimbish
Self-Study Director: Dr. Elsie Burnett

Steering Team Members:
Dr. Jennifer Wimbish – Co-Chair
Dr. Elsie Burnett - Co-Chair
Sandie Harcourt - Recorder
Daniel Hubbard
Marlon Mote
Anna Mays
Dr. Diane Minger
Huan Luong
Dr. Tommy Thompson
Dr. Lincoln Rolling
Lisa Nightingale
Ruben Johnson
Jennie Pollard
Pam Gist

Compliance Certification Team Members:
Marlon Mote – Co-Chair
Anna Mays –Co-Chair
C. A. Engleton
Pam Gist
Huan Luong
Mary Mallard
Dr. Bettie Meachum
Lisa Nightingale
Linda Noblin
Michaelle O'Quinn-Norman
Edna White
Tim Sonnier
Dana Corbin

On-Site Visit:
Patricia Davis –Co-Chair
Huan Loung—Co-Chair

Quality Enhancement Plan(QEP) Team Members:
Dr. Diane Minger - Chair (Business faculty)
Dr. Suzanne Disheroon – (English faculty)
Sheryl Lumbley – (Science faculty)
Davin Salmi – (Faculty counselor)
David Kellum - (PSS, student services)
Michael White – (Administrator, computer services)
Christina Reeves-Schull – (Science faculty)
Dean Jennie Pollard – (Dean, Math/Science)
Kim Anderson – (Instructional Associate)
Timica Hamilton – (Instructional Specialist/adjunct)
Monica Morris – (PSS, business office)
Andrea Haga – (History faculty)
Steve Brown – (Real Estate faculty)
Dennis Tademy – (adjunct faculty/alumnus)

Assessment Team Members:
Dr. Christina Tomczak – Co-Chair
Mikal McDowell – Co-Chair
Ginette Serrano-Corea
Rebekah Rios-Harris
Andrea Xeriland
SaRita Stewart
Dr. Suzanne Disheroon
Daniel Hubbard
Grenna Rollings
Tryn Harper

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