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Supplemental Instruction

What is supplemental instruction?

Supplemental instruction is a series of weekly review or study sessions. SI is for students who want to improve their understanding of course material and their grades. The sessions are conducted by an SI leader. Supplemental instruction is not a substitute for class, doing assigned homework, or meeting with the instructor.

What is the role of the supplemental instruction leader?

The supplemental instruction leader regularly attends an assigned class, takes notes, reads assigned material, and conducts out of class study groups in which participants learn to integrate course content (what to learn) with study strategies (how to learn) and prepare for exams.

What is the objective of supplemental instruction?

Supplemental instruction is designed to help students master content and develop study skills and strategies that are essential for completing and passing current and future coursework thereby improving grades and increasing retention and graduation rates.

What supplemental instruction training is provided?

SI leaders receive formal CRLA tutor training and specific SI training six times during the fall and spring semesters, usually on Fridays when the tutoring center is closed. Individual informal training is an ongoing process throughout the semesters. The SI leader is observed and evaluated in the classroom and in study groups by the SI coordinator several times each semester.

Is supplemental instruction successful?

Research shows that students who come regularly to study sessions facilitated by an SI leader usually make a grade point higher than those students who do not attend SI sessions.

What should I do if I want to become a supplemental instruction leader?

Contact the Supplemental Instruction Coordinator in the Tutoring Center, Room C206J, 972-860-8145.

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